International Students and UK visas


Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

Our Student Advisers are trained to give immigration advice to students of the University of Kent and those studying franchised courses at other colleges. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).


Please note that whilst we review these pages regularly the UKVI  frequently change immigration rules and requirements.  It is your responsibility to check the most recent version of the Policy guidance to confirm that you can meet the requirements of the rules.


UKVI have started to conduct CREDIBILITY INTERVIEWS for students who have made an application to extend their visa in the UK.  You can find more information about this on our factsheet here You will be required to travel to a UKVI centre for the interview. The centres are based all across the UK and you may have to travel a long distance for your interview.


REMEMBER, YOUR UK Immigration staus is YOUR responsibility

We can advise you on the following areas:

- Extending your student visa in the UK
- Applying for entry clearance from your home country
- Registering with the police
- Working while studying