Graduate employers want more than a good degree from you – they want to know that you’ve got the skills to get on, work effectively and be an asset to the organisation. What skills have you got to offer?

Stand out sessions are free and typically last between 60 and 90 minutes. They give you the opportunity to enhance your employability skills and gain knowledge that will help you run your club, society or group more effectively.

To check out and book session please click on the link below. Remember, if there is an event taking place in Medway and you are based in Canterbury (or vice versa) you can always use the free shuttle bus to travel between campuses.To find out more visit

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Something fun to do this term? Get some dollar!


No exams? Not enough exams? Need something to keep you busy in the summer term even to take your mind off things!


You could earn up to £110 for a society of your choice. – if you are not part of a society or student group there are a lot of student led volunteering groups such as Canterbury homeless outreach which would really appreciate the money who do such good work for charities .  It is a wonderful opportunity to practice your presentation skills.


It will run slightly differently to the ones that we run earlier this year in the fact you can choose the time and date you wish to hold your session and on anything you wish this could be knitting or candlestick making to learning about European union works or How photosynthesis works. 


You will get the full amount of money by completing the following criteria:

Delivering session £60

(Full capacity of the session – to get people there you will need to do the marketing below…) £20

Marketing of your session including all of the following   £30-

  1. Facebook/Twitter  advertising using the #60MinuteTakeover
  2. Targeting members who are most likely going to be interested in and attending your events such as an email to academic schools or members of your own society!
  3. Actively promoting the session in the plaza on the day or the hour before your session getting random people along! – We have chalkboards you could decorate!
  4. Anything fun, innovative and exciting – feel free to come it and talk about any ideas! For example you could hold your session outside in the sun.

We will record all your marketing looking at the #60MinTakeover hashtag on twitter and fb. Another suggestion so we don’t miss anything would be to screen shot of everything you do (e.g. emails) as you go along and put it in one document, and send it to me in a word document format after your session.



Please email for an application form STANDOUT@KENT.AC.UK, make sure you take note of the following before filling it out!

Five important tips for making sure your Takeover is interesting

  1. Remember people learn in different ways so incorporate them into your sessions for example:-
  • Visual –                Resources - pictures, diagrams, demonstrations, displays, hand-outs, flip charts

                                Language – “show me”. “let’s have a look at”

                               Action - read instructions, watch someone else


  • Auditory –         Resources – music, spoken word

                              Language – “let’s talk it over” “tell me”

                              Action – listen to instructions


  • Kinaesthetic –    Resources – opportunity to try things out, doing

                                Language – “let me try” “how do you feel”

                                Action – hands on experiment    

  1. YouR presentation skills! Make sure you are prepared and also engaging with your audience! So in your case students – what do you notice about your good seminar leaders and your bad ones? J
  2. Plan your session well! Make your have made your standout application as detailed as possible, think about timings.
  3. Get your audience engaged, make sure they are asking questions, interacting, giving them things to do, remember how they will remember what they are learning.
  4. And remember to have fun and give them something to take away with them for example if you were doing a session on bringing light in to someone’s life you could ask them to take home a light bulb – or even just a paper with a lightbulb – random example I know!


Deadline for applications – Friday 23rd May