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Election Results

This year’s election results have now been confirmed and you have chosen the people you would like to represent you for this academic year.

Mental Health Awareness

Are you ever in a situation where all of a sudden you feel anxious or worried? If so, you are not alone. Read this anonymous post and see if the advice given could help you.

Mental Health Week 2015

This week is Mental Health Week. Join our campus conversation about mental health, where we are challenging the stereotypes, highlighting the myths and bringing you wellbeing sessions.

Freshers' Week Survey 2015

Are you a Fresher? Do you like shopping on Amazon UK? Well…we might have something of interest to you.

Wildwood Community Day

Come and take part in Wildwood's Community day on Friday 16 October. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, make friends but most importantly...have fun!

Local Council passes housing policy against students

Canterbury City Council has passed a new housing policy which will aim to cap the amount of students able to live in certain parts of Canterbury.

Meet your LGBT Officer for the new academic year

Meet Jimmie, your new LGBT Officer.

Walk Out Wednesday

Today (30 September) students are walking out of their classes in response to broken promises from the University on academic free Wednesday’s.

KPass Gold's now reduced to £99

Were you hoping to buy a Gold KPass but never got round to it? Don’t panic…you can still get a great deal on your entertainment.

Policy approval win for Kent Union

A new University of Kent policy has been approved which will see students notified of any extra course costs at the earliest date possible.

Access to Activities Fund

Kent Union is supporting students who want to participate in Sports and Societies with the Access to Activities Fund.

Britain's Got Talent are visiting Kent...

Do you have a talent that you would like to share with the whole of Britain? Now is your chance...

Nina Mehmi - Your Vice President (Sports)

Get to know your Vice President (Sport) and read about who she is, what she does...and something not many people know about her!

Tammy Naidoo - Your Union President

Get to know your Union President and read about who she is, what she does...and what hobbies she has!

Rory Murray - Your Vice President (Welfare)

Get to know your Vice President (Welfare) and read about who he is, what he does...and what's his favourite movie!

Kent MP’s refuse to offer support to students in saving grants

None of the three MP’s representing students at the University of Kent have offered to support students in trying to save maintenance grants after the government’s proposal to replace them with loans.

Jack Lay - Your Vice President (Education)

Get to know your Vice President (Education) and read about who he is, what he does...and what his favourite dessert is!

Stop the Grant Cut! Today’s National Lobby

Kent Union today takes part in the national #CutTheCosts lobby, joining the National Union of Students and students’ unions across the UK in opposing the government’s proposal to axe student maintenance grants.

Kent Union announce amount raised

From trekking the Great Wall of China to jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet, Kent Union has raised a whopping £166,562.10 for charity over the past year.