Wednesday Afternoon Teaching Policy
After the last few months, Kent Union has been in discussion with the Registry over the number of teaching classes timetabled for Wednesday afternoons. Below is the University Timetable policy. This has been sent out to all Deans and Heads of Departments.
University of Kent Timetable Policy Standard Timetable Hours
The University policy on standard teaching hours originates from the minutes of a 1995 meeting between the Vice Chancellor, senior officers and Students' Union officers. The minute of that meeting stated....
1. Normal teaching hours are
9am - 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9am - 1pm on Wednesday
2 Full-time undergraduate student teaching should not be held outside normal teaching hours, except that where it is necessary to timetable a seminar on a Wednesday afternoon where no other solution is possible there should always be one or more alternative seminar times one-off changes (arising, for example, from illness or another important commitment of the member of staff) by agreement between the member of staff and the students concerned changes on a permanent basis, with the written permission of the relevant Dean of the Faculty The Timetabling Office is required to ensure that the above is complied with.