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We are a service run by Kent Union to help University of Kent students find part-time, temporary or seasonal work and recent graduates looking for temporary or contract work in Kent after graduation. 

Students and graduates can register with us to gain access to 100s of job opportunities including: Social Media positions, tutoring, IT positions, marketing assistants, translators, web developers, project managers, market researchers, bar staff, personal tutors, child carers, retail assistants and many more!!  Once registered you can browse jobs here.



Jobshop is a service run by Kent Union to help students find part-time, temporary and seasonal work whilst they study and enhance their employability skills ahead of graduating.

Whatever the job you are looking for you may find something of interest here.  We have temporary ongoing jobs, permanent and one off opportunities.  

All jobs have the opportunity to enhance your CV by demonstrating that you have gained real world experience, can work in teams and follow rules and regulations.  Look out for ones with training to really help your CV shine!



Jobshop Graduates is a completely free service provided by Kent Union for University of Kent graduates who want access to job opportunities in Kent after graduation. Perhaps you are looking for stop gap before moving home or moving elsewhere, or you love Kent and would like to stay in the area permanently.  We want to encourage talented graduates to stay here by offering access to local full time job opportunities.  Whatever your needs, you may find a job of interest here after graduation! 

Graduates can stay registered with us for up to three years after completing your degree. Email for more info!  


Students from the University of Kent make up a large proportion of the population in Canterbury and Medway areas and many are looking for work.

Students are a flexible, enthusiastic and capable workforce. Our students have a range of skills to offer including languages, social media, customer services, admin, accounting and IT/ web development. We aim to make it easy for you to tap into this skilled, flexible and enthusiastic work force.

Jobshop has over 9,500 students registered for our job alerts and our jobs board is the second most visited page on the Kent Union website.


Latest Jobs

  • Male Psychology Participants Wanted Ref 1890

    Details:Male participants wanted urgently for a psychology study! Pays £7.50 for a 30 minute duration! Only 1 day of experimentation left! Book today!

  • Cartoonist/Caricaturist Ref 1914

    Details:Are you talented at drawing cartoons? The School of Biosciences require an individual who can draw artwork for them.

  • IT Programmer Ref 1911

    Details:Do you have IT skills and experience. Can you trouble shoot IT systems , websites, software such as mail chimp, Yudu etc...


Temp of the Month

Sara Boldarin 

We think that our Jobshop temps are amazing and we are always looking for ways to reward them for all of their hard work. Here's what Sara's supervisor  had to say about all of her hard work:

“We have worked with her over several weeks now and have been very satisfied with her work. Sara is a joy to work with, she is efficient, quick and willing to help with all sorts of tasks. She has had to do a lot of repetitive tasks for us and has given them the same attention to detail and energy as she did the translation task. We have really appreciated having her here!" 

Well done Sara! 






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