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Annual Student Review

Want to share your opinions on the University of Kent, specifically around the theme of Assessment and Feedback? Make your voice heard!

Talking in Pictures

Working together, we can increase understanding of autism in our University community, potentially transforming student life and working life for autistic people at Kent and in our wider communities.

Wellbeing Festival 2017

Love your mind, love your body.
Fun, relaxation, creativity.
Today until 4pm in Eliot Hall.

5 Reasons to be a Student Rep

Want to know why you should be a student rep? Here are 5 great reasons!

Keynestock Ticket Only £5....

If you were one of the lucky 300 to get their hands on an Early Bird Summer Ball ticket you can get a special discounted Keynestock ticket!

Summer Ball - Early Bird Ticket and Map Release

Get your Early Bird ticket now for only £26.50. Quick before they sell out!

Brexit - What does it mean for EU students?

Confused by recent changes in UK policy? Find out how it affects you by visiting our Advice pages.

Part-Time Officer Elections Results

Congratulations to all of our Part-Time Officers for 2017-18!

Leadership Elections: Count Sheets

See all the count sheets from this year's Leadership Elections.

Leadership Elections 2017

The result may be decided, but we'd like to say a huge well done to every candidate in this year's Elections!

Leadership Elections - The Results

After a week of voting, campaigning and flash giveaways, the votes have been counted and the results are in...

Leadership Elections Statement

A statement from Kent Union regarding the 2017 Leadership Elections.

It's only the odd Coffee...

Over a 39 week academic year, the cost of a small treat can build rapidly if it becomes a regular occurrence.

Find out how Kent Union supports your Academic Interests

Find out how all the great work Kent Union has been a part of has supported your academic interests!

Park Wood Building Development

Over the last 5 years, your Sabbatical Officers have been lobbying and working hard to secure £3m from the University to re-develop the Kent Union services at Park Wood. Read on to see plans and timelines for the development.

Diversify my Curriculum

Today Kent Union launches the ‘Diversify my curriculum campaign’ which aims to diversify University of Kent reading lists by asking students to suggest books to their lecturers with a focus on under-represented ethnicities and genders (including non-binary genders).

Leadership Elections Update

Manifestos Released, Voting begins soon!

Vice-President (Education) Update

Kent Union update regarding your Vice-President (Education)

How does technology enhance your learning?

This year one of our main goals has been to secure lecture capture through Kent Player for all students to enhance the academic experience. We are getting really close to achieving this across the University, but we need your help to push this through. The Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching are filming testimonials of students about the use of Kent Player and lecture recordings, as well as your experiences of moodle, turnitin and the other technology that students use every day.

Hidden Course Costs: Have your say

Two years ago the University approved a policy which stated that all costs of a module should be available to students upfront so that the overall cost of a module was clear, and that any hidden course costs were exposed. The policy agreed that “mandatory printing for assignments and classes should always

Varsity Winners 2017

The University of Kent have won Canterbury Varsity for the 20th time in a row! After 39 fixtures, from swimming to basketball, Team Kent once again took the win!

Team Kent Ball

Nominations will be open from 20th February, click below to buy your ticket or for more information!

Technology within Politics and Participation

Rather famously within our recent news cycles there has been global displays against Donald Trump. The Women’s March is possibly the most visual and global response, with marches happening in major cities across the US and the world at large. In a single stroke Donald Trump has made enemies of seemingly half the human race. This reaction however is one in a long line of such actions that represent distrust, repulsion, and even hatred manifested in a political way.

Kent Union hosts Ayo Akinrele for BME Voices: Student Leadership Talk

Following the publication of the BME Student Voices Project, one of the recommendations that came out was to hold a greater range of events that encourage BME students into positions of leadership.
In response to this, on 7th February, Kent Union hosted Ayo Akinrele, VP Welfare and Community at Liverpool Hope, for a talk on student leadership.

Official Branded Clothing!

Click here to see our full range of clothing in our online store and the option to personalise each item with your name or society!

Varsity 2017 – Supporting LGBT History Month

This year Varsity is during and will be supporting LGBT History Month.

Free Activities at Kent!

One of my biggest and most ambitious manifesto points when I ran to be Vice President (Activities) was to try to get students free memberships to societies. Students get so much out of being involved in co-curricular activities, it offers so many skills and developments that students don’t get just from their degree. These benefits shouldn’t be exclusively available for students with disposable income; joining student groups should be accessible to all.

Scrutiny Panel 1

On Wednesday 30th November, Kent Union held the first of our Officer Scrutiny Panels, the student’s opportunity to hold elected officers to account on their manifesto pledges and priority campaigns.

International Students' Day

The importance of 17th November is that it is generally celebrated around the world as International Student’s day. It is often focused around the issues of multiculturalism and student solidarity. Here within the UK NUS celebrated International Student Day with a week of talks in Parliament culminating on the 19th with a national demonstration.

Tuition fees Officer Statement

Earlier today, the University announced its intention to increase tuition fees next academic year for continuing Home/EU Undergraduate students who joined the University in or after September 2015. Kent Union is incredibly disappointed in this decision.

Part time Officers visit Parliament

Kent Union’s Part time officers visited the Houses of Parliament this month to lobby Julian Brazier MP on a number of issues important to students at the University of Kent.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2016

Consent is mandatory. Sex without consent is rape, and it is vital that people know what consent means. A person has the right to withdraw consent at any time, and you should never feel ashamed to reject sexual activity.

Officer Reports for Scrutiny Panels

Scrutiny Panels are the student’s opportunity to hold elected officers to account on their manifesto pledges and priority campaigns.

SMFA - Kent Union statement

On 21 November 2016, students of the School of Music and Fine Art based at Medway were informed of the University’s proposal to close the School once all current students have completed their course and graduated.

Kent Union contributes to local council's report on students

Students across universities and colleges in Canterbury are celebrating at securing policies in the Higher and Further Education in Canterbury Impact Review, conducted by Canterbury City Council.

Setting the Agenda on Campus Rents

The cost of university accommodation across the UK continues to spiral upwards, at the same time students are seeing financial support dwindle with the removal of maintenance grants and the upheaval of disabled student allowance.

Leadership election dates announced

The dates for the annual leadership elections have been announced.

BME Student Voices Project Report Launches

Kent Union are pleased to officially launch the first report of the BME Student Voices Project, after the student led research project took place last year.

5 Things We Learned From Door Knocking on Campus

Last week our officers spent the week visiting campus accommodation to speak to as many students as possible in order to find out how they are and how we can better support our members. Across the week we spoke to over 1000 students!

Medway Black History Month Open Forum

Yesterday, 3 November, an open forum was held in Medway in regard to the events of Black History Month.

Rory, Union President, began by explaining the background and context of the issues that had arisen and what had happened since then. He went through the issues that had been raised at the open forum in Canterbury the week before and what actions had been decided since then.

Vice-President (Activities) convenes community of faith and belief student groups

Ruth Wilkinson, Vice-President (Activities), hosted the first of twice termly lunch events with committees of faith and belief student groups at the Canterbury campus.

Tuition Fees - Your Officers Respond

Fees are only one part of the story.

Yesterday it became public that Tuition Fees are once again on the rise and Kent was in the media spotlight.

Information for students with concerns over cancelled MA programmes

We have had several students get in contact with us to express concern over the cancellation of some MA programmes for this September.

Calling All Students and Student Groups– contributions for Black History Month

Kent Union will be hosting Black History Month in October, and would like as many student groups to be involved as possible!

Your Officers write to Julian Brazier MP

Take a look at the letter the Officer team have sent to Julian Brazier MP regarding the HE Bill going to parliament today.

Kent Union submits parliamentary evidence on future of higher education

Kent Union has today been published in evidence documents for the parliamentary Public Bill Committee. The committee is tasked with scrutinising the Higher Education & Research Bill currently making its way through parliament.

The Government’s proposal, which identifies a raft of changes to the higher education system, put out a call for evidence as the Bill is scrutinised by committee before returning to the House of Commons.