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Want to change something about your University experience? You've come to the right place! 

Kent Union is a student led organisation. This means that the decisions we make are guided by you, the students.

The Sabbatical Officers are your student leadership team. They work to make your ideas a reality.

You can view our Union Executive Committee contact sheet here

Your Full-Time Sabbatical Officers are:

Rory Murray | Union President |
Ruth Wilkinson | Vice President (Activities) |
Dave Cocozza | Vice President (Education) |
Clara Lee | Vice President (Welfare) |
Elliott Shell | Vice President (Sport) |


Your Voice matters to us; we couldn't run without your input.

We're a democratically run organisation, and every elected position exists to represent you at Kent, so why not get involved?

Why not submit an idea through Change It? Change It is our process for changes you want to see made during your University experience.



Want to know what your elected Officers have been up to? Check out KTV's Keeping Tabs on the Sabbs and submit your question! 



Want to make a difference to your course?

Speak to your Student Rep; to find out who that is, why not have a look at our Student Rep Directory? Click the photo to find out who is representing you!


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