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Campaigning is essential to making sure that students are heard and treated equally at Kent. Whether it’s cheaper course costs, a greener campus or better facilities, you have the chance to make big change during your time at Kent! 


This 2 year student led research project will explore the link between social engagement and academic performance of BME students at University of Kent. It will also inform us establish measures to overcome the attainment and participation gap of BME students, and target the issues that need increased support, and provide resources for student led organisation of events like Black History Month (October 2016).

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The Campaigns Forum is where your ideas are put into action. Organised by your President and VP Welfare, the forum acts as a working group to deliver on policies.

The forum consists of 21 Part-Time Officers with each policy led by the student who submitted it. You can view campaign progress reports to see what’s been done! 

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Want to run your own campaign? Want some extra help to make your campaign a success? Our Campaigns Hub has it covered!

You can get updates on current campaigns, view our campaign archive, access our dedicated campaign toolkit and resources to make your campaign a real success? 

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Here you can find bespoke resources designed to cover vital steps that must be carried out in order for a campaign to be successful, with lots of tips and also a space to record thoughts and ideas when working through the different campaign stages.

Campaign Resources