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Student Reps

'Empower, Educate, Change'

Student Reps act as the link between the student body, Kent Union, and the University. Each position is elected to represent you, and they are the first port of call for any suggestions, comments or queries you have about your course. Student Reps are actively involved in shaping your education and your course. 

Your Student Reps are elected to help you with your course and are there to deal with your queries, represent you and generally support you throughout your course. They meet with the school regularly and bring up student issues. So please get in touch with your rep if you have had any problems! 

Take a look at who will be representing you on your course next year!

School Reps

In addition to a rep for each course, there is a single rep elected for a school. Their role is to represent students who are in this school to the university. They also work to lead and support the individual Student Reps of a school. If you are having trouble contacting your student rep, your school rep is the next best bet!

Faculty Reps

Faculty Reps are elected to represent and act as the voice of all students in your faculty. There are 9 Faculty Reps; three undergraduate and 6 postgraduate representing students in the Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. Their role is to: 

  • Attend and take an active part in Faculty Learning & Teaching Committee meetings.
  • Support Reps within your faculty.
  • Hold and chair monthly Faculty School Committee meetings with Reps.
  • Attend and take an active part in Education Forums.
  • Communicate regularly with all Student and School Reps within your Faculty and with Kent Union's Vice President (Education). 
  • Meet with the Dean of the Faculty and other Faculty staff regularly.
  • Help with and promote education campaigns.