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The KSCV Takeover is a great way for you to earn prizes for your student group – gain funding and advertising, and have fun doing it – all whilst improving your skills and making yourself more employable!


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Compete against other student groups by earning the most KSCV Awards before 10th March and you could win:


- Design and name your own burger at Woodys (with a portion of the profits going to your group).

- Design and name your own cocktail at The Venue (with a portion of the profits going to your group).

- Design and name your own hot drink at The Library Café (with a portion of the profits going to your group).

- Advertisement of your group on the Kent Union website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, as well as on TV screens in Mandela, Woodys and Essentials.

- Advertisement of your group on posters in The Venue, Woodys and The Library Café.

- A certificate of achievement, and bragging rights.


Read on to find all the rules and how the winners will be chosen...



KSCV Takeover Rules

You must be elected onto a society committee to be eligible to compete. The five groups that will be part of the contest are as follows:

            - Society Committees (including Media and Kent Tech)

            - Sports Committees

            - Volunteering Society Committees (including RaG)

            - College Committees (including KGSA)

            - Student Reps (including Part Time Officers)

For any clarity on this, please email If you are part of more than one group, your KSCV Awards will count towards the points total for all of these groups.


How the scoring will work

There will be five winners, one from each category, and they will be the groups with the most KSCV Awards. KSCV Awards will be worth a certain number of points, with Bronze=10, Silver=20, Gold=40 and Gold+=60, and the total number of points for each group will be added up and divided by the number of people in that group so that there is no advantage to having a bigger committee. In the event of two or more teams tying for first place in a particular category, the winner will be whichever of those groups has collectively earned the most hours, again divided by the number of people on that team.


For example:


Round One: Most number of KSCV Awards in a student group.


            Group 1: 9 members, 3 bronze, 1 silver, 1 gold

            Group 2: 7 members, 3 bronze, 2 silver


            Group 1: (3 x 10 points) + (1 x 20 points) + (1 x 40 points) / 9 members = 10 points

            Group 2: (3 x 10 points) + (2 x 20 points) / 7 members = 10 points


So this has come to a tie-break, and so the winner will be decided by which of the two teams has logged the most hours overall.


Round Two: Most hours logged.


This will again be an average across the whole student group.


Group 1: 367 hours for a committee with 9 members

Group 2: 274 hours for a committee with 7 members


Group 1: 40.78 hours

Group 2: 39.14 hours


This would mean that committee 1 would have won, and would thus be the overall winners for that category. As you can see, more committee members doesn’t necessarily mean you have a greater chance of winning.


Rules Continued

All committee members who have been formally elected into a committee role for the Academic year 2016/2017 are included in the competition, and you cannot opt a committee member out. This also means a student group cannot opt in non-elected members. 

The competition will run from Monday 6th February to Friday 10th March, however hours from May 12th 2016 will count, and will go towards your KSCV Awards.


Volunteers must be signed up to the KSCV Toolkit in order to log their hours and work through the KSCV Scheme. There is a video guide at the aforementioned website address for help and guidance on using the Toolkit, or alternatively students can email Evie at for assistance.


Volunteers will be invited along to Toolkit Sign Up sessions, with the additional option of booking a 10 minute meeting with the Volunteer Development and Support Intern to do this at a time that is more convenient for them.


In order for a KSCV Award to count, you must complete all of the criteria for that Award level before the competition deadline. Just logging the correct number of hours won’t be sufficient to achieve the points for that Award.


In order to keep the prizes competitive, students will not be able to ‘design’ an item which is already on sale in that particular outlet. A full list of items already on offer will be sent on to winning teams.